Trading Forms

Unilife Corporation (the Company or Unilife Corporation) a Delaware incorporated company, is the parent entity of the Unilife Group.

On 18 January 2010, trading in CHESS depositary interests (CDIs) of Unilife Corporation commenced on the ASX under the stock ticker ‘UNS’. Trading of shares on the ASX in the former parent entity, Unilife Medical Solutions Limited, under stock ticker ‘UNI’ ceased on 15 January 2010.  Unilife Corporation had its Form 10 registration statement declared effective by the US Securities and Exchange Commission on 11 February, 2010. Trading on NASDAQ commenced on 16 February 2010 under the ticker "UNIS". Shareholders may use the Forms 1 and 2 to convert shares between common stock and CDIs.

Shareholders should consult their financial, legal or tax adviser before deciding to buy or sell shares. Your adviser may ask you for the Unilife CUSIP number. For your reference, Unilife's CUSIP number is 90478E103.

Form 1 Register Removal Request (Australian Register to United States Register)

Form 2 Register Removal Request (United States Register to Australian Register)

For more information visit the Trading on Unilife FAQ.